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PSE Couple Contest 2017 最佳情侣/夫妻竞赛

今天2月14日,祝大家情人节快乐~~~ 您身边是否有一对羡煞旁人的佳人? 您和他/她是以【结婚为前提】而在一起的couple吗? 赶快推荐他们来参加这场竞赛,所有奖金奖品高达RM8,000以上~ 而且赢得的所有奖品服务有效期为10年之久哦! 情人节除了送送花,一起参加竞赛,为你们的未来共同努力! 不要再说【结婚】是多么遥不可及的梦想了~ 正所谓:有志者事竟成!机会来了,好好把握哟! 已经准备结婚/订婚了的情侣们更是机不可失!赶快查看参赛方式,如下: 💟竞赛规则💟

1. 马来西亚公民 2. 进入比赛之前,先按赞我们的Facebook网页: ProStage Entertainment 3. 报名参赛与投票,截止日期为01-04-2017(晚上8时正) 4. 打开此网址填写参赛资料: 5. 把你们最甜蜜的情侣二人合照,发至邮件信箱prostageENT@gmail.com或发至PROSTAGE ENTERTAINMENT留言信箱,婚纱照更佳 6. 把你们甜蜜的照片分享出去,让亲朋戚友们为你们按赞,投下最真挚的祝福 ★ 工作人员会在1~2天内将资料和照片合成,并上载至竞赛相册内,共大家按赞投票 💕丰富奖品💕

首奖:价值RM1,000现金礼券 + 价值RM2,500 instant print photobooth(奖金礼品总值RM3,500) 二奖:价值RM1,000现金礼券 三奖:价值RM800现金礼券 ★ 所有参数者均可获得10%折扣券 ★ 任何超过500个赞的情侣参赛者将获得价值RM500现金礼券 💖投票规则💖

1. 请先按赞我们的网页: ProStage Entertainment 2. 请进入竞赛相册中,寻找你要投的情侣照片下按赞 ★ 没赞网页再投票的会被算为废票哦 详细条规与参赛条件,请浏览: 在此,PROSTAGE ENTERTAINMENT祝天下的有情人终成眷属,甜甜蜜蜜,恩恩爱爱,天天都是情人节~


In conjunction with Valentine’s Day this February, PROSTAGE ENTERTAINMENT is giving away attractive Wedding Service Cash Voucher + Instant Print Photobooth! Total prizes value up to RM8000 to be won! What's more? All participants are entitled for 10% Instant Discount Voucher for your future 【Wedding Service】~ Share your wedding ideas with us! Show us your sweetest moment captured by summiting a couple photo of urs ;) We would like to hear from you! 💟CONTEST RULES💟

1. Malaysia citizen 2. Like our Facebook page before entering the contest : ProStage Entertainment 3. Application of joining this contest & voting due date is on 01-04-2017 (8.00pm) 4. Please summit your entry here: 5. Please send your SWEETEST photo to or PROSTAGE ENTERTAINMENT FB message inbox, pre-wedding photo would be the best 6. Share your love story and happiness with your friends! Get as many LIKES as possible! ★ Photo & Love Story will be uploaded into <<PSE Couple Contest 2017>> album, about 1~2days after submission. 💕PRIZES INCLUDES💕

Winner Prize: RM1,000 Cash Voucher + Instant Print Photobooth worth RM2,500(Total prize value up to RM3,500) 1st Runner Up Prize: RM1,000 Cash Voucher 2nd Runner Up Prize: RM800 Cash Voucher ★ All couple contestant are entitle to get a 10% discount voucher ★ All couple contestant that get over 500 likes, are entitle to get a RM500 Cash Voucher 💖HOW TO VOTE💖

1. Like our Facebook page : ProStage Entertainment 2. Like the photo of the couple you want to vote from our PSE Couple Contest album. ★ Vote will not be counted if voter did not like our Facebook page For more, please refer to terms & conditions at this link: All contest details & images copyright reseved.

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