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The emcee is the storytelling event’s representative, is the bridge between producers and tellers and audience, sets the tone for a particular concert or festival set, determines the energy level throughout, is responsible for keeping on schedule and establishes the kind of community feeling the event will have.

What Are the Duties of an Emcee?
1. House Rules

As the first person that the audience sees, the emcee represents the club to the audience members. 

In this role, the emcee takes the time to set down some rules of the house and dispenses any additional information as needed. For example, they may point out the location of the emergency exits and the restrooms. In a club that serves food, the emcee lets the audience know when they can and can't order.

2. Opening the Ceremony 

The emcee also typically does double duty as the opening act of a show.

Once introductions are out of the way, the emcee begins bantering with the audience or telling a few jokes in order to loosen up the crowd. The emcee works to ensure a smooth transition from the opening part of the show to when the first acts hit the stage.


3. Transitions and Timing 

When running a show, the emcee carefully keeps track of time that any performance takes while on stage.

In between the changing of the acts, it's also important for the emcee to keep the level of the crowd up and excited.

4. Ending the Show

After the last performer has ended his set and left the stage, the emcee reappears to thank the performer and the crowd. During this time he also reminds them of any other upcoming gigs and informs them about other ways to keep up with information from the organizer, such as signing up for the newsletter, subscribing to an email list or following the company on social media.


4 Reasons you should get a wedding emcee:

✔ Capable Organizer

✔ Entertaining the Crowd

✔ Spontaneous but in Control

✔ Bring People Focus Together

You may contact us now for more details.

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