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LED Screen Display
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"Significant presence, clear and beautiful"

When looking to add a touch of modernization and personal impression to an event a great way of getting this done is through the use of LED screens. A LED screen operates just like a giant LCD television screen except that the pictures and images that are displayed are made up of a cluster of tiny LED pixels. 

An LED screen can be used at any musical event or function to create a backdrop of color, animation and design for those performing.

It can be used at a wedding as a source to display personal photographs or information about the couple getting married.

At corporate functions you can use them as a means to advertise and display company information, videos and presentations.

Their uses are wide and varied, and their impact is strong and has a significant presence, not even would be the same without the use of an LED screen.


ProStage Entertainment provides indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens for rental and hire purposes.

All the screens are hired with competent crew and all other event equipment that is required to operate the screens.

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Our Collection

Introducing one of the LED model we provide - MG7 P4.8 (HOT PICK!)

It can be used for indoor and outdoor, dance floor, stadium LED display, sky curtain, normal big LED display (rental & fixing) and many kinds of applications. Meanwhile with the unique matrial and design, it can realised many creative shapes, help you become creative winner.


Some of our previous event photo gallery as as below:

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